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British Pakistani Youtuber Rahim Pardesi launches another song ‘Enta Habibi’ that crosses 1 Million views in five days

The British Pakistani Youtuber Rahim Pardesi has launched a single titled Enta Habibi.

The track has been taking the internet by storm and has garnered more than one million views on YouTube in just five days.

Glasgow based Rahim Pardesi, who is known for his comic characters Pardesi and Nasreen, has a massive following on social media. His debut single Rang has more than five million views, followed by Aagaya Time with 1.5mn.

Rahim while talking about his new song said, “Music was always in my blood, I always wanted to be a singer. When I released my first track, I was a little worried as people have always seen me as Nasreen or Pardesi, but the response I received from my fans was immense which gave me initiative to create more songs.”

“Although Enta Habibi is different from my previous songs, it will connect you to my music. The song not only has Arabic feel but the Desi ‘tadka’ (flavour) is what I always wanted to do. This is an upbeat number where I have collaborated for the first time with a Dubai-based female singer (Natalia),” he added.

Composed by Shamroz Butt, the music is well suited for Rahim’s attire and persona and we love him performing with the utter brilliance, which we always see in his songs.

With beautiful exotic locations from Dubai, luxury cars, and Bollywood-style cinematography, Enta Habibi is a pretty fun and upbeat track from this YouTube sensation.

Rahim is working on various projects in Pakistan, Dubai and the UK.

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