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Cake is the perfect lens to read and understand 21st century Pakistan – Adnan Malik

After making a name for himself by staying behind the camera, Adnan Malik eventually ventured into projects that would feature him in front of the camera too.

Recently in an interview the handsome talked about his film, Pakistani cinema, minority rights and more.

“Cake is an important film that has been created by a brilliant film-maker with the support of a visionary producer, Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari and a mammoth distributor, B4U. Asim has taken a risk by making something that is unprecedented, raw and deeply personal. If Cake is successful, we will see more personal stories coming out of Pakistan.”

One of the issues that hurts Pakistani cinema is the desire to watch and produce films that imitate Bollywood. Cake is an important film because, if successful, it could change the trend and encourage producers to invest in films that are original and groom audiences to want more than copies of Bollywood films. We need more authentic stories to be told. So, a lot is riding on this film, he further added.

When asked why did he turned down the offer to act in ‘Cake’, the first time director Asim Abbasi approached you, he said, “I felt that the role that I was offered, that of the male lead, Romeo, was relatively small and not properly fleshed out. I declined to play Romeo the first time because I was looking to do meatier roles at the time. But, two things changed my mind. Firstly, the role of Romeo had evolved into a significant one during the re-writes of the script and become integral to the story of Cake. Secondly, Dil Banjara made me realise that I did my best work when I was surrounded by positive, like-minded people.”

So will Cake really give us the best of both worlds? We’re going to find out.

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