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Celebrities who love to travel

Celebrities are just like us and love to travel! Of course, they can afford to do it in more style and extravagance. These stars have the travel bug.

Bill Murray

The legendary Bill Murray tries to fit in as much travel as he can while he works. He loves to take a solo and discover new places. Bill Murray took 4 years break from the acting and moved to Paris and then to Prague.

George Clooney

George Clooney lives la dolce vita in Italy and is a regular on Lake Como, where he has a huge estate. Parts of his blockbuster movie Ocean’s Twelve were filmed at his villa in Laglio. He also returned to get married to Amal Alamuddin in Venice in 2014 and the newlyweds spent time traveling through the Italian countryside via a Vespa moped and Fiat 500.

Bear Grylls

It’s one thing to have the travel bug, yet Bear goes further and chows down on it. The British explorer is well known for his basic instincts. He’s tanked fecal fluid from elephant dung, eaten deer droppings and utilized the body of a sheep as a resting bag. He doesn’t do this since he’s down and out; this is his bread and butter, not that you’ll ever observe him eating anything as ordinary as that. His most loved goals incorporate Mount Everest, Greenland’s tremendous field of wild and the impressively less-hostile Panama City.

Angelina Jolie

This prolific traveler has traveler will also continue to have some awesome journeys in her work as Goodwill Ambassador for the UN. So far she’s visited Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Pakistan.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was certainly not content with being the king of Asgard, quite evident from his around the world trips and those make-you-jealous travel photos. Chris Hemsworth is a serious surfer who travels around the world looking for his next great set. Chris’ Instagram account is laced with surfing photography and videos, and after checking out a few of them, it’s easy to see that he has some serious skills.

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