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Deepika’s first impression when she saw Ranveer Singh was, “He’s not my type”

Bollywood’s most favorite couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh finally shared the story of their first meeting. They appeared on 16th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. When the moderator Sonal Kalra asked Deepika about her first impression of Ranveer. Deepika said that she watched Ranveer’s debut film, Band Baja Baarat, and remembers having a conversation about him with her then agent. Deepika’s agent was convinced that Ranveer was destined to become a huge star, to which she said, “I’m not so sure.”

“He’s not my type,” Deepika remembers saying, to which the audience gasped in shock. But she saved the situation when she spoke about her admiration for him as an actor. “I didn’t realise he was a Bombay boy, he was so flawless in that film. I thought he was from Delhi. It’s one of my favourite films of his,” she said.

Ranveer broke onto the scene with the Yash Raj film, in which he played a young man from Delhi, opposite Anushka Sharma. Deepika remembers meeting Ranveer at a restaurant and asking him, “Oh, wow, you’ve moved to Bombay?” thinking that he was actually from Delhi.

Ranveer then shared his side of the meeting. He said he was out for a private dinner with his parent when Deepika walked in. He said he excitedly whispered to his parents that she was sitting right behind them – “I was a huge fan of hers” – and told them that he’d introduce himself later.

But little did he know that he’d have an allergic reactions to the prawns he’d just eaten. So when he finally got around to meeting her, he was more preoccupied with hiding his face. “But my one takeaway from that meeting was ‘how can anyone look like that’,” to which the audience ‘awwed’.

Aren’t they too just adorable?
Have a look at this video below:


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