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Emma Stone opens up about struggles with anxiety, panic attacks!

Emma Stone has opened up about the “terrifying and overwhelming” panic attacks she experienced while growing up.

The actor discussed her ongoing struggle with mental health as part of a panel during Advertising Week New York: “The summer after first grade, before I went into second grade, I had my first panic attack,” she told Dr Harold Koplewic.

“It was really, really terrifying and overwhelming. I was at a friend’s house, and all of the sudden, I was absolutely convinced the house was on fire and it was burning down. I was just sitting in her bedroom, and obviously the house wasn’t on fire.

“But there was nothing in me that didn’t think we were going to die. So I called my mom and — it was panic, but of course I didn’t know that — she came and picked me up. And then it just kept going for the next two years.”

Revealing that the signs were there from her early childhood, she said: “At the beginning, I was very serious as a baby and toddler — didn’t really laugh or smile much, took everything in in a very intense way. And then I was a performer; I was rambunctious and excitable and loved to sing and dance — up until I was about 7.”

Emma eventually went to therapy and credits her family with supporting her through the experience: “They gave [my mom] a name for what I was experiencing, but she didn’t tell me. I’m pretty grateful that I didn’t know that I had general anxiety disorder and a version of panic disorder.”

Props to Emma for opening up about the kind of struggle that so many find difficult to vocalise.

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