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“Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don’t need to scream it out.”- Karan Johar

Karan Johar is known for his loved personality and has always been an open book when it comes to sexuality and doesn’t shy away from opening up about being a gay.

According to ‘Times of India’, the filmmaker speaks his heart out on sexual orientation in his upcoming biography, ‘An unsuitable Boy’

An excerpt from the book reads, “Today, people think that I have all the possible avenues to have all the sex in the world. But that’s not who I am at all. To me, sex is a very , very personal and a very intimate feeling. It’s not something that I can do casually , with just about anyone. I have to invest in it. … I’ve always handled the rumours that came my way .

“There has been so much conjecture about my sexuality . For heaven’s sake, for years there were rumours about Shah Rukh and me. And I was traumatized by it. I was on a show on a Hindi channel, and I was asked about Shah Rukh.`Yeh anokha rishta hai aap ka,’ the interviewer said. He worded it in such a way that I got really angry . I said, `If I asked you if you are sleeping with your brother, how will you feel?’ So he said, `What do you mean?

“How can you ask me this question?’ I said, `How could you ask me this question? For me, no matter what ups and downs Shah Rukh and I have been through, he is a father figure, an older brother to me. For me to look at him in that way or be subjected to those rumours was just ridiculous. But it didn’t bother him. He said, `People talk nonsense, and if a man does not have an extramarital affair, he is supposed to be gay.”

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