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Gigi Hadid

Few facts you did not know about Gigi Hadid

There is absolutely no doubt that Gigi Hadid is the most popular supermodel in the world. Not just only in west but also in east, girls follow her style. But, despite the millions of headlines and Insta updates, there is still a lot more we don’t really know about her. Scroll down to know few facts about her:

Eggs are a huge part of her diet

“I do like eggs, but all different ways. If I can cook it with ingredients that I know are good, then I’ll eat anything. Carbs or whatever!”

She is tired of her social media habit

Well, she is not deleting her accounts but deleting the apps from her phone to have a peaceful and relaxed vacations and Christmas.

She has never taken a sick leave

Well, according to her sickness and health issues are important but work should be the first priority as a lot of people are involved in a shoot or some fashion event and she can’t do injustice with the people just because of her own sake.

Whenever she is stressed, she screams

Screaming in the pillow helps releasing the stress and it is her way of relaxation.

She likes to gym but hate squats

“I just love working out but squats are painful. Recently, for the VS show I had to do squat every time I pass by my kitchen because I put a sticky note to remind myself.”

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