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Faiza Saleem is the coolest bride of all times.

Famous Comedian Faiza Saleem has broken all th stereotypes and he has come up as the coolest bride of town. We live in a society where many acts are considered wrong and the brides are not allowed to that. Look how pretty she looks. OMG!

But Faiza Saleem proved that everything is legal for everybody even if she is a bride. Faiza who started Pakistan’s first all-girls comedy troupe, The Khawatoons, has been challenging stereotypes ingrained in our society. From body shaming to how girls are expected to behave in our society and well, she has grappled the situation with grace and bravery.

Now as she ties the knot people are here again here to bash her. They can not leave someone once to live their life to the fullest. This has upset Faiza Saleem a lot and she took it to her Instagram to express her feelings.

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I had decided to have the most fun at my wedding. I asked my mom for her approval and after that I didn’t really care ke log kya kahenge. I added conditions to my nikkahnama (based on a mutually respectful conversation with my husband to be)..I hosted and performed at my shadi’s comedy night and had my comedian friends roast me(maybe that wasn’t the best idea). I entered dancing with Abuzer and friends at our mehndi and danced throughout with my sneakers on. As women we are expected not to be happy at our wedding. But why not? I’m marrying the love of my life..everyone who matters is happy for me or should be happy for me. Then why should I let nobodies dictate when, where and how I should express my emotions? If someone doesn’t like it, then too bad too sad. Tomorrow I will marry Abuzer iA and I pray that we continue to be happy together because you know what? Happy brides make everyone else happy too. Allhamdullilah. Please send us prayers and good vibes. #faizerforever #af2018 #abuzer #faizasaleem #weddingseason #karachi

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What I mean is, live and let live people. It’s their wishes, their money they are spending, it’s their life. It’s not bad to be opinionated but it’s extremely worse to be judgemental and to this extent.

Wish your best wishes to the newlywed couple so they can get your blessings instead of your negativity throughout. Much love!

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