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Faryal Makhdoom comes forward with her point of view over Uzma Khan’s controversy!

Since we all know that Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan once parted their ways because of Amir’s marital affair with Alezeh Gabol. But Faryal Makhdoom clearly knows how to keep his man and deal with the situation. And now they are happily married with 3 children.

Faryal Makhdoom has opened up about the recent Uzma Khan scandal in which sh condemned both the women who lure married men and their assault from the wives’ end. She said:

“I despise the culture which time and time again, sees young Pakistani models and actresses pursue secret sham marriages and affairs with successful married men. They simply don’t care about the pain they cause,”

She continued saying: “It is equally disturbing and unacceptable to bully, harass, & assault a woman in her own home, a place where no person should EVER have to feel unsafe,” the 28-year old. Despite all the accusations” leveled against her husband for his alleged affairs, the thought of “targeting those awful women” never crossed her mind. The only person you can ever expect loyalty from is your partner. ­No-one else matters,”


Well, we couldn’t agree more! 🙌


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