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Filmmaker-actor Rajat Kapoor accused of sexual harassment by three women

Rajat Kapoor has been accused of behaving inappropriately with three women in different occasions. Indian Journalist Sandhya Menon who has been working relentlessly for #MeToo movement posted screenshots of women accusing the filmmaker of misconduct. One of the women is Katherine Filaseta, a US based actor-Filmmaker who accused Kapoor of harassing her by calling from unknown numbers and touching her inappropriately.

Katherine met the filmmaker for a meeting after that they were having drinks together when he started making advances to her. Trying to avoid his physical contact by pushing his hands away or kept on going to her friends for shelter somehow the night passed. In the morning he started calling her from unknown number as her contact information was already with him before the meeting.

Menon further posted screenshots of more women coming forward and talking about their experiences.

Journalist Apoorva Sripathi went to interview Kapoor in his hotel room unfortunately her photographer bailed out on her so she was left along with him in a room. He started to get close to her but she kept on moving aside however the interview ended and he told her to skype with him later at night to which she laughed it off. However at the time of leaving he hugged her despite her denying the hug, it lasted longer than it should have and he started to feel her. She told him how he is like her grandfather in response he winked at her. Finally she pushed him and ran out of the room, left traumatised.

Another woman came forward and share her story with Menon:

Rajat Kapoor in response took over twitter to apologise to the victims:

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