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Fouzia Aman supermodel

Five reasons why Fouzia Aman is Irreplaceable

Fouzia Aman is a well known supermodel of Pakistan; she won Lux Style as a best female model and has a huge fan following. She is someone, we love to see everywhere. Whatever she does, she does it with style.

Fauzia Aman is the only model who is famous without doing any drama serial.

Fouzia Aman

She has given her maximum time to modeling and played a major role to revive the fashion industry.

Fouzia Aman

The only female model who have star power and is considered as a celebrity.

Fouzia Aman
Always the first choice of designers for opening and closing their segment in fashion weeks.

Fouzia Aman

Her flawless expressions whether she is wearing western or eastern are always on point.

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