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Frieha Altaf says LSA 2019 will be in line with #MeinBhi values

Frieha Altaf, who has had a long association with the Lux Style Awards, on Thursday spoke up about the criticism over the nomination of an alleged sexual harasser and assured that the ceremony will be in line with #MeinBhi values.

Last year, the LSA had launched a campaign #MeinBhi which was in line with the global #MeToo movement and aimed to highlight issues such as such as child abuse, sexual harassment, underage marriage and gender discrimination.

Taking to Twitter today, Frieha said, “The #MeinBhi movement is not a one-off. The struggle to ensure a safer workplace will be a lifetime effort. My #LSA turf is the LSA show and the stage — not the nominations that are done by independent juries. No one has a say in what the jury decides.”

“But I can state very clearly that if I do #LSA2019 it will reflect all the values I uphold. I had every intention of including the song #Mein in the show flow and was in discussion with @MeeshaShafi before she was even nominated and then stepped out. Even today the entire show flow will reflect and uphold all #MeinBhi values,” she continued.

Freiha said, “In my opinion, if anybody should step down it’s the alleged sexual harasser, not those who are innocent and oppose him. The LSA platform and event is very close to my heart and I will continue to fight, on my turf, for women’s rights and empowerment.”

Seven nominees have dropped out of the LSA over the nomination of an alleged harasser.

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