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“I wish I had gone to Cannes with a film” – Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan has been in the news for her recent appearance in Cannes. It was definitely a proud moment for all the Pakistanis. However she received both good and bad things but Mahira claimed that she does not mind criticism at all.

When she was asked about her fashion choices for Cannes, she stated that it was very difficult to attend Cannes as it was her first time because she didn’t know what to expect, further she said that “We were very short on time and my other dress got stuck in customs.”

However, she is planning to do something traditional for Cannes next year as she loves wearing traditional clothes, stating that “If it were up to me I would wear a peshwas and a gharara everywhere.”

She further said that, “I wish I had gone to Cannes with a film but I had gone there for L’Oreal Pakistan. I cannot tell you the people that I was around, from Helen Mirren to Jane Fonda. It was a proud moment on the red carpet when they announced my name and said ‘Mahira Khan from Pakistan’.” She showed us her patriotic side when she said, “I feel like Pakistan is my last name now.”

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