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Hamid Mir proved that Indian singer Mika Singh performed in Karachi

Hamid Mir on Twitter revealed that the government allowed Pakistani visas to renown Indian singer Mika Singh and his entire team, who performed recently in Karachi!

His Tweet reads: Indian singer ⁦@MikaSingh⁩ & his team given Pakistani visas as a special case they entered from Wagah border in second week of August met some top Govt officials in Lahore then performed in Karachi on August 8th special treatment was given due to the influence of Adnan Asad


There needs to be a dire need of understanding that we are at war with India after they revoked the special Status of Indian-administered Kashmir taking their right to have autonomous power and ruling, their own flag and above all their land. The removal of Article 370 now gives every Indian the right to purchase land and property in the valley; this is a major red alarm hinting towards a massive uprooting and genocide. Kashmiris bleed as Indian military above the already going human-rights violation has started to use pellet-guns blinding innocent suffering Kashmiris.

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