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Hamza Ali Abbasi supports Imran Khan’s lockdown movement

Hamza Ali Abbasi supports Imran Khan’s lockdown movement

Hamza Ali Abbasi is known for giving controversial statements on his facebook posts. Recently he criticized Nawaz Sharif’s attitude on Panama Leaks and said, “Eight months since Panama Leaks, our system cannot punish a man who holds the highest public office and whose corruption has been proved by documented evidence. Essentially we are giving a free license to the powerful people to do whatever they want with zero accountability.”

Hamza also highlighted the main concerns which lie in the development of transport sector saying, “Even a 100 CPEC projects and countless motorways will not be able to save our country if corruption becomes a norm and an accepted practice. How will a nation where corruption isn’t a serious crime, stand for Kashmir?”

He further declared his support for PTI saying that he doesn’t want any election ticket from the party but he will most certainly continue to be a part of the November movement, even if it leaves his media career and fan base in jeopardy.

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