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Here’s why everyone loves Netflix series “Bojack Horseman”

Are you looking for a dark comedy sitcom? Here is my suggestion to you all, “Bojack Horseman.” This is a perfect binge-worthy show and whoever has watched this show, loves it. This 6-seasons long show ended this year and I can’t be more sad but as the famous saying suggests, “All good things come to an end.” Now I’ll take you all to my 6-seasons journey and will tell you all why this show is a must-watch for everyone.

This is an animated show which depicts a society where human and animals live equally. Yes, you read it right, animals in this world have relationships, jobs just like humans. Now, moving on to the lead character of the show as the title of the show suggests it’s a ‘horse’ named Bojack Horseman. The show is set in LA and all the businesses surround the industry, “Holly Woo.” Bojack himself is a famous 90s TV-star who is looking for a big break in Holly Woo. The series starts with him writing an autobiography. He is a 50-year old self-loathing horse, he hurts people who are closest to him, he has done bad things and at times he even shocked himself if he does anything good. Nonetheless, you will love Bojack and will relate to his character at some level.

You must be thinking why they had made a horse lead. Here’s the answer, I think if the creators would’ve portrayed a human as the lead who is as flawed as Bojack, the audience couldn’t have accepted it. The series has dark humor and satire to express how purposeful life is. That is why Bojack Horseman is so depressed and self-destructive; he knows he hasn’t lived his life for any purpose. The reason I love this show is that it’s brutally honest and so indulging. What I liked most about this show is that there are only a few shows which end in the same spirit as it started. By the end of this series, you will realize how much it takes for anyone to change and for people to accept it. And as I said, this show is very honest and a must-watch.

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