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Hira Mani once again takes a dig at other women

Hira Mani appeared on Jeeto Pakistan that was hosted by Fahad Mustafa and was once again found careless about her choice of words. She put down other woman without giving it a second thought. This is the second time Hira was careless about her stance when it comes to her own gender.

She was playing a game with Fahad on his show which she was clearly losing.

Nearing the end of her turn, she referred to her fellow contestant and said, “I think we should listen to the men. They are smarter than us. I think we should go with his decision.”

“A woman can sometimes make bad decisions,” she added.

Host Fahad immediately corrected her: “That is not the case. My wife has always made the best decisions. Our country’s women are smarter than men.”

A while ago, Hira was turned into a meme when she asked other women to understand men. Women thought she is just supporting the other gender without realising how much they can hurt women at times. She got major backlash on her statements that she expressed on Sameena Peerzada’s show.

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