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Home Alone actor John Heard dies

Home Alone actor John Heard dies

John Heard; who was best known for the character of a father named McCallister in Home Alone has died at the age of 71.

The actor of Home Alone was born in 1946 in Washington DC. He started his career in the late 1970s. He recently played a character named Andrew in Living Among Us, a movie about vampire.  Whereas, Home Alone is the only movie in which he has achieved massive success in a short span of time. Heard was best known for the character as McCallister, father of Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin in the Home Alone series.

While filming Home Alone, actor shared his experience and told how funny a parent could be. He stated:

“We were the only two people in the movie who didn’t know how funny the movie was, because we were the parents that had left our child, and she had to run around hysterically, having abandoned a seven-year-old or whatever he was.”

The actor expressed unease with how the role in the smash hit defined his career, and even considered passing on the movie’s sequel. More than once, he said he wanted to “put to rest the Home Alonedad image.”

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