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“I am not trying to show controversy”, Sarmad Khoosat says on Zindagi Tamasha

Sarmad Khoosat’s upcoming directorial Zindagi Tamasha is all set to release on January 24, 2020, however, prior to its release, the film has ended up upsetting a segment for its sensitive subject i.e. blasphemy.



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“Be tolerant, Allah will be tolerant with you” – Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), source: Musnad Ahmad. On 24 January 2020, I’m bringing to theatres across Pakistan, a piece of my heart, Zindagi Tamasha, a film by Khoosat Films (distributed by IMGC Distribution Club). A story of tolerance, forbearance and compassion, made only with a lot of love and solicitude over the past one year. Thank you for all the feedback since the initial release of the trailer in September 2019. Film is a complex medium, and one for the masses, hence keeping in consideration as many opinions and sensibilities as possible, and maintaining respect for public/state institutions, I’m most happy to present on the screens a version cleared by all 3 censor boards of Pakistan- federal, Punjab and Sindh (&Balochistan), after a review and a re-review. I request all of you to please watch Zindagi Tamasha in cinemas and to let it speak to you as you please. This is a film about all of us, for all of us. #zindagitamasha @khoosatfilmsofficial

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While speaking to media in a recent meet and greet, he said: “I’m not trying to show controversy. I request you all to please watch Zindagi Tamasha in cinemas and to let it speak to you as you please. It is a film about all of us, for all of us,”

Sarmad added that he understands how film is a complex medium so in the making of Zindagi Tamasha he has taken into account all sensibilities and maintained respect for masses and institutions.

“God is not a fan of arrogance. Whether it can break any mold, the future will tell,” he added. 

“Making a film is our responsibility; watching the film is yours but it can be said that the film has been made with clean intentions, and tells a story sensitively,” added Sarmad. 

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