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After Imran Khan here’s what Mahira Khan has to say about Cake – the film!

It was almost a week ago when Imran Khan tweeted about the film Cake. He was highly impressed and amazed by the quality and story. The movie is being talk of the town for its unusual title also the movie has become the first Pakistani film to have a premiere in London. The premiere was surely star studded with the beautiful cast and there was a special guest who came to support them and that was none other than Mahira Khan.

She is an awe after watching the movie; “As I was watching it I was in complete awe of the movie and as I came back home I was telling a friend of mine that I just can’t believe I saw this – it was just so good,” told Mahira to a reporter. “Starting from the script to the direction, actors, stylists and even cinematography there were shots where I was like, is this for real as there were like a ten minute one take shot. I was blown over to be very honest and I am very proud of these guys,” she added further.

The movie is all set to release in Pakistan on 30th March and we can’t wait to see the magic!

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