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“Indian news anchors have chimpanzee brains” – Twinkle Khanna

Indian author and former film actress Twinkle Khanna, has come to criticise the Indian media for its irresponsible coverage during the Pak-India conflict.

Her comment came on a post that said, “Adult humans have between 2 to 5 million hair follicles across their bodies – and roughly the same number per square centimetre as a chimpanzee.

Twinkle could not help but compare news anchors of Indian tv channels to these chimpanzees.

She said that watching their news anchors, she is forced to believe that they have chimpanzee brains as well.

“After seeing most of our news anchors, I am now inclined to believe that along with the same number of follicles per cm2 some have chimpanzee brains as well-exactly 1/3 the size of our human ones and ours may shrink to their size if we continue watching….” she wrote.


Indian media made a laughing stock of itself for its poor coverage during the Pak-India tensions.

The Indian media resorted to unparalleled propaganda against Pakistan and spread lies to Indian population through disinformation.

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