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Is Instagram suspending Armeena Khan’s account?

Armeena Rana Khan has been on in the news for quite some time now, and her activism regarding social issues is extremely applaudable. The 32-year-old actress has never backed down from sharing her opinions and has always used her celebrity status to bring important issues to the limelight.

Ever since the situation in Kashmir escalated, we’ve seen Armeena actively protesting against India’s inhumanity in the region. The scraping of article 370 brought about a dark time for the Kashmiris and the world is, unfortunately, silent. Many actors, politicians, and social workers have been speaking up to bring the issue on the UN’s radar, and Armeena has been in the front lines.

Besides the Kashmir issue, Armeena also took notice of the recent incident where Priyanka Chopra gave a condescending reply to a Pakistani journalist named Ayesha Malik, who inquired about Priyanka’s war-mongering tweets during the Indo-Pak escalation while being a UNICEF ambassador for “world peace”. Priyanka, instead of facing the question, asked the girl if she was ‘done venting’. The response enraged Pakistanis all over the world, and Priyanka lost a whooping 2 million followers on Instagram. Armeena took the incident quite seriously and shunned Priyanka’s response on social media. And it didn’t just end here, Armeena, along with her fiance, Fesl Khan, wrote a letter and personally delivered it to the UNICEF headquarters, urging them to remove Priyanka from their list of ambassadors.

Today, Armeena shared on her story that her account has been shadow-banned. This means that her posts will not be seen in the ‘explore’ section and some of her posts have also been removed. Armeena believed that this has intentionally been done to bring down her fan following and is an attempt to silence her.

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