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Jal doesn't have the same hype it used to have - Gohar Mumtaz

Jal doesn’t have the same hype it used to have – Gohar Mumtaz

The very famous Jal the band with Gohar Mumtaz, Farhan Saeed and their third bassist Shazi got separated long time back. Atif Aslam and Mumtaz Goher founded the band in 2001 with few other instrument players. The band earned a big name and fame with its very first single release aadat. The band was huge success throughout South Asia and was awarded many prizes and honors.

Recently in an interview Mumtaz Goher confessed that Jal doesn’t have the same hype it used to have.

According to Goher, Jal has always had a simple melodic sound. And even after delivering several hits and adapting with times, they, with their new single ‘Parinda’, have gone back to the same formula that turned them into a huge success.

Parinda’s music video is directed by Shoaib Rabbani and depicts Goher and actress Nazish Jahangir as film actors in love, who want to run away from the fake glamour of reel life, defying their director. Goher gives credit to Rabbani for the concept and the video, saying, “He understands me and where I come from, artistically.”

“We need the right kind of platforms for exposure. If Parinda came out in times of Indus music, it would have been talked about a lot. But now, there are not many channels to support it. The issue is advertising and marketing.”

Perhaps this is why the band plans to release new singles every few months from now on. “In 2017, we have three tracks and we intend to continue releasing more in the future. We want to keep producing music and offering it on a regular basis to our fans.”

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