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Jami is disappointed with Pakistan

Jami’s directorial debut “Pal do Pal” changed the landscape for music videos in Pakistan. Since then he has done numerous award winning, critically acclaimed videos.

Jami ventured into commercials in 2002 and there too carved a niche for him, making high impact ad films for some of the biggest brands in the country. A strong portfolio spanning many styles, genres and techniques – Jami is a believer in purity and simplicity.

Jami is also the founder of film production house namely Azad Film Company.

He left US some 20 years ago and came to Pakistan to pursue his passion for cinema.

Recently news came into limelight that Jami is unhappy with the country’s political instability and has decided to move out of the country in order to keep his family safe

“My kids will not see this mess,” he tweeted.

Waited and now NO more!! Army Govt IK they all in it – to burn us all down,” he wrote.

The hopeless Jami feels it’s useless to wait for betterment . “Mullah will burn it down and they all want to see lot of fire. Enuf man” he stated. “This is so dark and we thought zia was dark. He lives in middle class thats the real issue,” he added.

We wish that Jami and talented people like him remain in our country as losing such talented people will be a great loss for the industry.

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