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Junaid understood my reasons for leaving the band - Salman Ahmad

Junaid understood my reasons for leaving the band – Salman Ahmad

Junoon is Pakistan’s one of the most popular band that has always made sure that they leave a strong presence in our memory.

Recalling the day when Junaid Jamshed was killed in a plane crash leaving all of us in shocked Salman Ahmad former Junoon guitarists shared how he and Junaid went from Lahore to Rawalpindi and then onto Lalazaar to Rohail Hayat’s house.

“We reached on April 9, 1988. We practiced at night for the new Vital Signs album and were composing songs.”

He recalls that Junaid woke him up early the next morning saying, “wake up! We have been attacked”. On April 10, 1988, the arms depot at Ojhri camp went up in flames and shook the twin cities with the force of the explosion which followed.

“At that time there weren’t many channels. It was only PTV, and they said nothing had happened, but we later realised how close we were to death.”

“Vital Signs launched at a time when there was a lot of instability and the country was ruled by a dictator. At that time, Dil Dil Pakistan gave people a picture of the country which was in our hearts. Those were difficult days.”

He also stated that Junaid understood his reasons for leaving the band.

“After that, Vital Signs started splintering and Junaid would say he was unsure if he should continue with music or take part in social work.”

“A huge part of our discussion was on religion and spirituality. And I wasn’t surprised at all, when Junaid, who I considered an Islamic history search engine, started mingling with Tableegi Jamat,” said the guitarist while shedding light on Junaid’s journey down the religious path.

“I think he had a lot of pressure on him to transition from one image to another from a clean cut youth to beard, shalwar kameez, topi donning scholar. The transition was very difficult for him,” said Salman of Junaid’s transformation.

Junaid, was an icon for all of us. He was controversial, yet you were always relevant. He may have left us but shall not be forgotten.

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