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Justin Bieber stopped by police for fashion cause

On Wednesday morning the singer was driving around in his Lamborghini when he was stopped by police.

He documented his encounter with the cop, who apparently thought the star had been walking around in sneakers with the security tags on them.

Justin Bieber hilariously explained on his Instagram Stories saying ” its just what the kids are wearing these days, man”

“Virgil, my god, bro. You freaking — you’re killing me, man! I just had a cop come up to me and ask me why I still had the security tag on my shoe. What the…” Bieber says shouting out Virgil Abloh, who designed the off-white X NikeAir Max 90 sneakers in question, which features a zip-tie looped through the shoelaces.

“I had to tell him, ‘Bro, it’s just fashion,” he added. “I don’t know. He’s like, ‘It sure looks like a security tag.’ “I’m like, ‘Nah, bro, you can check it out.’ It looks like it though… but you’re getting me in trouble!”

This isn’t the first time Bieber faced authorities but not in fashion case.

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