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Justin Trudeau extends support to Shahid Afridi’s Foundation for a hospital in Kohat

“Boom Boom” Shahid Afridi has always made the nation proud through his amazing cricket skills. However, he is also a philanthropist who has helped thousands of people through his ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’.

Quite amazing we know, but then again Trudeau is a person with immense amount of compassion. We have seen Trudeau openly welcoming refugees to his country, not differentiating between communities and holding everyone in the same regard and hence, without any doubt, he is one of the most popular politician in the world.

Sharing the kind gesture which Trudeau extended, Afridi took to his social media account to thank the Prime Minister for all his support by saying,

“Thank you for supporting the vision of SA Foundation and your hospitality. Canada is a nation of great people.”

Afridi also shared a collection of photos from the event and a statement from Prime Minister in which Justin Trudeau expressed “warmest welcome and best wishes”.

“Tonight, we gather to raise money to build a hospital in Pakistan to assist and provide aid to children. The generosity you have all shown through attendance and donations truly embodies what it means to be Canadian.

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