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Kamzarf ended with an important lesson

Pakistani drama serial Kamzarf that went on air earlier this year on Geo Entertainment recently came to an end, imparting an important social and moral message. It revolved around the idea of ‘what goes around comes around,’ incorporating multiple social themes in between.

Directed by Zeeshan Ahmed and written by Seema Munaf, the play featured Junaid Khan, Rabab Hashim, Ali Ansari, Mariyam Nafees and Aly Khan in key roles aside from Nadia Khan.

The plot followed the lives of four siblings including two brothers and two sisters. Nadia essayed the role of the elder sister Aima, who was controlling, demanding and self centered, and hence always stood against the decisions of her younger siblings. Nonetheless, they somehow managed to end up with partners who they shared a happy relationship with. This made Aima envious and she decided to get back at them with the love of her life, whom she married years ago.

However, he was a cheat and things didn’t turn out well, leaving Aima with no place to live as her siblings were also fed up of her tantrums and selfish nature. She ends up in a mental hospital for the rest of her life.

The play tackled the idea really well, without being too preachy. It subtly delivered that if you wrong or harm others, it comes back to you. We hope the message reaches a wide number of viewers and help better the society in some way.

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