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Ketty Perry gets her revenge on Taylor Swift

Katy Perry gets her revenge on Taylor Swift

There is a war going on between global popstars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. It all began when Swift’s backup dancers left her world tour to join Katy’s world tour, which started a Twitter war and led to Taylor Swift trashing Katy Perry in her 2014 music video Bad Blood.

Fans are now speculating on Twitter that Katy Perry is finally getting her revenge on Taylor Swift, through her new song ‘Swish Swish.’ The song also features rapper Nicki Minaj, who had also clashed with Taylor in 2015 over MTV VMA awards, as Minaj’s music video Anaconda was not nominated for ‘video of the year’ but Taylor’s video Bad Blood was.

According to their fans, the title of the song ‘Swish Swish’ sounds like Swift and they are also linking it to the noise a snake makes. It seems like a great war has just begun.

Have a look at Katy Perry’s new song:

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