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La La Land - Is Hollywood's blockbuster for 2017 overrated?

La La Land – Is Hollywood’s blockbuster for 2017 overrated?

Just a week or two ago, “BAFTA” awards ceremony took place and like all the award shows this season, movie ‘La La Land’ dominated these awards too; bagging ‘Best Picture’, Best ‘Director’ and ‘Best Music’ as usual.

So why suddenly when “89th Academy Awards” are just two days shy, a lot of people on social media and different forums are accusing La La Land of being an overrated movie?

Although it is supposed to be the revival of an era of Hollywood musicals, it is mostly being criticized on not having the core theme of being a musical, but mostly it focused on Jazz music just like the first film of Damien Chazelle ‘Whiplash’.

The main cast of the film includes Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who have also received criticism for not having any singing and dancing background. Also some say that the most important thing of the movie which is ‘the screenplay’ is also very weak.

So why is it that a film having so many flaws according to audiences and people is sweeping away all the main awards in different ceremonies this season?

Maybe it’s because the “revival of the musical era” in Hollywood was so endearing to the critics and most of the audiences that La La Land became such a huge sensation and became the talk of this year. Or maybe it is because the quality of the films this year are not that great as compared to the past 3 or 4 years where the big fishes like “Tarantino , Ridley Scott, Spielberg and Alejandro Inarritu” film’s were in the race too.

Whatever may be the reason, we can’t deny the fact that surely the team and crew put in a lot of their efforts which were evident from the natural lighting to high dance numbers and to soothing music. Perhaps it was the story and hard work of the team that people loved it so much, and in the end became the reason of “La La Land” joining an elite group of ’14 nominations’ at the OSCARS.

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