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Like many other fans, Mansha Pasha is also ‘disappointed’ with latest season of ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones has taken everyone’s interest like anything. But fans are little bit upset with the season this time and so is Mansha Pasha. She doesn’t seem very pleased with the latest season of the hit fantasy series either.

Taking to Twitter, She wrote, “Never been a huge huge fan of Game of Thrones but I’ve watched all of it since it is still an iconic series. But, this new season, disappointment level is like 11.”


She added, “The deaths aren’t even affecting me emotionally. Who else feels the same way? And what’s the reason?”

The Battle of Winterfell ending with an Arya Stark knockout was where it started going down. Many believe that Arya killing the night king was done for shock value, not for the purpose of fulfilling story arcs. If you’re GOT fan, what are you views? 


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