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The lives of animals are equally important as humans
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The lives of animals are equally important as humans

We often see the news of people dying everyday in pakistan. Street crimes, murders, target killings and blasts are now daily based incidents.
We live in a country where the lives of people have no guarantee, but this does not mean that we kill stray animals just to have a neat and clean environment.
Recently, Dr Muzna Ibrahim, a famous celebrity uploaded a video requesting the government officials to stop killing animals brutally.
KMC is poisoning animals and throwing them in garbage to rotten away.
Check out the video:

After publishing these videos, a lot of people started contacting her and raised voice against this inhumane act. She then shared another post in which the MPA of her area contacted her, showed support and promised to raise his voice in assembly ensuring that he will try his best to convince the government to stop poisoning these dogs.

Let’s all show support and stand with Muzna Ebrahim, because these animals can’t speak and only we humans can save them. Let’s fight against these cruel people who want to kill the innocent animals.

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