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Maalik to re-launch coming Friday

Maalik, unbanned after a real long fight, is releasing once again. Ashir Azeem who fought against the odds to make the movie happen, is coming back with a bang. The latest update is that the movie would be re-launching on Friday again.

The film has somehow benefited from the ban. After months and months of controversy and steamy court conversations, the movie surely will attract a number of viewers.

Ashir Azeem, in his media statement, has revealed that there might be chances that the decision of unbanning the movie would be challenged in the court once again. Now, we get to know why the release is happening in such hustle bustle!

Maalik might face trouble due to the clashing Eid releases. Janaan, Actor-in-Law, and Zindagi Ktni Haseen are already houseful for their launch shows. Let’s see how it affects Maalik and if the eager audience really comes out to see why the over-hype from the authorities was created.

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