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Mahira finally bashes people for criticizing her years old anti-Bollywood video

Mahira finally bashes people for criticizing her years old anti-Bollywood video

Raees’ release had to face doldrums and a lot of problems already, but it got under limelight when Mahira’s video of Umar Sharif’s talk show against Bollywood surfaced and people started giving her the title of ‘hypocrite’. The video of 2011 was deliberately re-posted all across the web to give Mahira a negative image.

Upon answering the question regarding her affection with Bollywood, the Humsafar actress said:

“We should never be inspired from Indians. We are not Bollywood”

However, after months, Mahira has finally come up with a reply to push back. Commenting on the excessive hate and rebuke she had to face for an extremely old video, Ms. Khan stated:

“I felt it was so unnecessary. Because the fact is, I’ve always been such a big Bollywood fan from the time I was very young. I remember I’d watch new Bollywood films every Thursday night on a video cassette. The entire week I’d wait for that Thursday-night treat.”

Its clear that everybody created a fuss out of a totally unwanted situation, as like Mahira we believe that art and culture has no boundaries and it needs to be diffused. But, we are sure that Mahira will still be repenting what she said years back on a show because you can’t really take your words back, no matter what!

In case you missed out the video, here it is:

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