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Mansha Pasha urges fans to stay at home

Actor Mansha Pasha shared messages from doctors from all over the world with her fans.

She wants everyone to understand that COVID-19 is no joke and people should stay at home and pray for healthcare providers who are on the frontlines in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing photos of doctors and paramedics on her social media, the actor said that for past two days she has been received messages from all over.

“Bahawalpur to USA, Peshawar to dubai, and back. All of them are saying the same thing – stay home. These first responders are human beings and they have families too. They are risking their lives,” reads the post. “As a daughter of two doctors and the sister of one who is in the field right now, i can only marvel at the bravery of the frontliners.”

Pasha told fans that this Ramazan we should pray for them.

Earlier, Pasha took to Twitter and told fans that she will be sharing stories of doctors “who are working so that we stay safe”.

She started with the story of Maham Akbar, a resident physician in Brooklyn, NY, who has been dealing with COVID-19 patients since the start of this pandemic.

Pasha said: “She is a Pakistani doctor working overseas, who has been assigned to ICU and works almost 80hr shifts every week.”

The actor thanked Maham for her service to humanity and for being an ambassador for Pakistan. “May ALLAH keep you safe,” she said.

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