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Meera Jee’s sarcastic reply to Adnan Sami is enough to make Pakistan proud

We all know how Adnan Sami left Pakistan and became Indian by claiming that how much he loves India. People of Pakistan have bashed him for the hatred that he has shown over these years for the country who gave him fame and name but Sami didn’t feel ashamed of his words. His journey in Bollywood was at peak initially but soon new talent replaced him and he is left with few projects only.

Meera Jee who is making waves by her super funny yet thoughtful tweets. Mr Sami became a poor victim of her sarcasm too when he twitted about Pakistan and India cricket match.

Of course! How can Meera Jee spare him. She took out her sarcasm, it soon became a news and people started praising her sense of humor. Check out her reply:

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