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Meera’s husband says wants to get actress sentenced for polyandry

Meera’s husband Attiqur Rehman on Wednesday said he wants the actress to be sentenced for polyandry.

In a conversation with a private news channel, the man claimed that Meera was married to both him and Captain Naveed at the same time — a crime punishable by law in Pakistan.

“I have Meera and Captain Naveed’s nikah nama (marriage contract),” he said. “My aim is to get her sentenced for polyandry.”

In harsh criticism of the actress, Rehman said Meera ‘neither has moral values nor does she know how to converse in English.’

“Meera does not even know how to boil an egg, she could not have provided me with food,” he said.

“We were fighting for the entire two years that we were married,” the man said, adding that Meera had demanded that Rehman divorce his first wife.

A family court in Lahore ruled that actor Meera is the wife of Attiqur Rehman.

Announcing the judgment in a marriage suit which had been filed nine years ago by the film actress, Family Court Judge Babar Nadeem dismissed Meera’s petition that her nikkah to Attiqur Rehman was forged.

“The nikkah nama is not false,” the judge said while reading out an 18-page written verdict on Meera’s petition against ‘jactitation of marriage’.

The court verdict pointed out that a nikkah khwan confirmed Meera’s marriage to Rehman.

In July 2009, Meera had requested a family court to restrain Rehman from calling her his wife. In her petition, she had told the court that she had not solemnised the marriage.

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