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Meghan Markle goes undercover and here’s why

After one has become a royal normal life is thrown out of the window. As even the smallest things are affected by the fans and paparazzi surrounding you all the time but things are not the same for Meghan Markle as she cleverly gets herself disguise to go out on the streets to get her normal things done like running to the whole food near Buckingham Palace or going to Pilates class.

According to Marie Claire “She spends most of her weekends in the Cotswolds with Harry.” Adding “When she does venture out to Pilates or to get her hair done, she normally goes incognito under baseball cap.” Her favorite place sure is Whole Foods where she often sneaks out to which is near the Palace. That’s why she goes unnoticed and can quickly sneak around.

Living a normal life is something we all crave or even the celebrities and thy have to do things like these to stay away from the public eye. As being a former actress Meghan seems to be really good at it.

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