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Here is how these celebrities look so perfect even during Ramadan

Mehwish Hayat expressed solidarity with her Hollywood counterparts by wearing black

Mehwish Hayat is an acting powerhouse. The starlet has aced every role she has portrayed on-screen so far, especially her most recent character Amal, in the blockbuster, Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

Recently Mehwish took to social media to bring to Pakistan the infamous #time’sup movement which has ruled the Hollywood red carpet this year at Golden Globes.

The actress posted a picture of herself wearing all black, in line with the black dress code that the celebrities chose for this year’s event.

In the caption, Hayat wrote that the she is wearing black ‘in solidarity with my industry colleagues in the US and push this message to the women of my own homeland, Pakistan. We are no less than men by any virtue of our gender. Harassment of any form is totally unacceptable and we will not tolerate it #WhyIWearBlack #timeisup.”

This year at the Golden Globes event, the Hollywood celebrities wore black dresses in solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment and also wore a pin reading “Time’s Up”.

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