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Mehwish Hayat featured in an international publication, The Muslim Vibe

Mehwish Hayat raises the National flag high once again in pride by getting featured in the list of the five Muslim women who are changing the world in an international publication, The Muslim Vibe.

Earlier this season, Mehwish Hayat made multiple appearances on occasions and different events the purpose of which was to make the world a better place. On different platforms, she spoke on the issues and the current problems and won the hearts of many by her grace and dignity. WE surely have tons of respect for the actress and this women representative of Pakistan who without any worries about the barriers broke the stereotypes and earned recognition in various positions worldwide and held the green flag high.

This is not it, Mehwish just got featured in an international publication, The Muslim Vibe as one of the top 5 Muslim women who are struggling with the greatest thrust to bring peace and harmony in the world by making it a better place to live in. The young actress not only spoke about peace but deleted the stereotypes by presenting her statement and thoughts worldwide and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

We congratulate the very passionate Mehwish Hayat throughout her success journey for advocating remarkable yet positive representation and bringing peace in the Nation.

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