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Mira Sethi to make her writing debut with "Knopf and Bloomsbury" publishers

Mira Sethi to make her writing debut with “Knopf and Bloomsbury” publishers

Mira Sethi is a great actor and there is no doubt in that. But, we didn’t know that the end of this year would mark a new era for the powerful actress as a writer.

Ms. Sethi’s debut collection of short stories has been selected by Knopf and Bloomsbury, renowned names in publishing world. The series featuring the empowering short stories is expected to release in India, US, and the UK in 2018.

Very few people know that Mira Sethi previously worked as a book editor at Wall Street Journal and was an acclaimed published writer in “The Caravan” and “The New York Times”.

Mira, herself, is overwhelmed by this achievement and describes her experience as;

 “When my agent sent out my manuscript, I was praying the editors at Knopf would glance at it. To think that Knopf — whose writers I have read and obsessed about since I was a teenager — is now my publisher is a dizzying dream-come-true. Ditto with Bloomsbury, who publish some of the best women’s writing in the world. I am just so thrilled.”

On the other hand, Sethi’s editors at Knopf stated;

“Her debut book is a brilliant work that looks at life in Pakistan in a deeply human way with humour, intimacy, compassion, and verisimilitude. Mira’s stories upend traditional notions of identity and family in South Asia through deeply realized portraits of characters one comes to know and to care for.”

There is no question or doubt on the topic that Mira Sethi has definitely made us proud.

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