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Model Zara Peerzada had enough of SHAADI questions and here’s what she replied!

Model Zara Peerzada, who has been asked about when she’s getting hitched many times, finally spoken for all of us single women out there. 

Addressing the issue of marriage, she shared a post on her Instagram and we couldn’t agree more. 



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This week was exhausting. Minimal sleep, maximum discomfort, anxiety on fleek (On fleek? Are people still saying that? I hope not). This week, in a span of 5 days, I was asked when I’m getting married 17 times. Not that this in any way is a novel occurrence for the Pakistani woman. I would say, even taking fashion week into account – 17 times is a bit excessive. The ‘when’ always turns into a ‘why aren’t you?’ – to which, I’ve realised there is no correct response (“I’m not ready”, being the worst). This question, (posed by whichever scumoftheearth, distant acquaintance, monkeybottom, aunt’s cousin, personstandingnexttoyouaccidentally, would never be invited to your wedding anyway, snozzwanger) is just a prelude to the inevitable ‘let me reinforce everything society’s told you, in case you missed the memo about The Doom of the Unmarried’ (distributed weekly) spiel masked in concern, loosely laced with horror. They are met with this cocked head and blank stare. Why is marriage my only goal, or the only one anyone is interested in? Friends, countrymen, strangers at the gynaecologist. Stop making women feel like they’re underachieved or doomed because they are not married. Stop making women feel like they’re falling behind or missing out. Stop making women feel like this is something they need to be happy. Stop thinking there’s something wrong with women who aren’t married. Stop reminding them that you’re watching. Stop assuming they’re unhappy. Stop assuming that even if they are, they want to talk to you about it. Stop asking women things that are none of your god damn business. #onfleek

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Shaadi is not the only thing or achievement left in this world. And it really marriage really is not a tag every girl must wear to get respect in the world. Zara Peerzada gives a little lesson to everyone who feel compelled to ask women about their marital status again and again. 


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