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Mohsin Abbas Haider is gearing up for a new TV drama

Mohsin Abbas Haider is gearing up for a new TV drama

Mohsin Abbas Haider has an amazing voice, he’s not just a good singer but a brilliant actor too.The effortless, optimistic, mellow, happy sound and the ability to maneuver between the ranges is what makes Mohsin Abbas Haider a truly special performer.

His commitment and dedication towards everything that he does has won him millions of fans. Adding another feather to his cap, Mohsin Abbas Haider is all set to play a mama’s boy in Lashkara.

The actor’s latest TV project is titled Lashkara which is written by the same writer who penned Muqabil.

About his role in Lashkara, the actor revealed: “My character’s name is Feeka. he’s a mama’s boy who’s called bonga by many people, someone who doesn’t understand things easily and is the type to go to his mother when confronted with any issue.”

“He sells pakoras and becomes rich somehow. After making a fortune he decides to profess his love to a young woman who knows to be the most beautiful woman in that area.”

According to the actor, “It’s a hardcore love story, but it’s very innocent. It shows what happens when a “silly” (bonga) man loves. And that love makes him stronger; the kind of changes he goes through and the evolution of his character. Same goes for Ushna’s character, when an immature woman (similar to Feeka) goes through hurdles and grows up during the process. Both our characters support each other through the difficulties and face life together. I think it’s very sweet and I’m loving it.”

The cast also includes Ushna Shah, Imran Ashraf, Ahmed Abdul Rehman, Saba Hameed and Noor ul Hassan Anam Tahir.

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