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Na Mumkin Kuch Bhi Nahe – Strepsils Stereo Season 3

The new-normal has us experiencing all sorts of notions and has brought many of us down with its course. Plans and dreams have been put on hold with little to no encouragement to take on something new. Amidst this wave, a ray of hope and motivation came forth in the form of an exceptional track ‘Na Mumkin Kuch Bhi Nahe’ a masterpiece by Shuja Haider as he explores acapella and experiments with some fresh talent on board for Strepsils Stereo season 3!

The first two seasons of Strepsils Stereo gained lots of attraction as acapella was presented to the local audience in a proper manner with grand productions for the first time ever in Pakistan. Acapella is the compilation of sounds produced by hands and mouth and entirely free of any and every kind of instrument. Another new season and this feel-good track does not only give off good vibes but also serves notions of motivation, excitement, the up-beat element makes one feel care-free as they delve into this tune and allow themselves to block everything out. Let’s not forget the new talent taken on board who were provided with the Strepsils Stereo platform that acts as a stepping stone to aim for the stars and fulfill their dreams.

The lyrics, composition and the piece of art altogether is inspirational in all its aspects. Put those headphones on and turn up the volume, chase those goals and remember, nothing is impossible if you work toward it!

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