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Nargis Fakhri finally reacts to dating rumours with Imran Abbas

Nargis Fakhri finally reacts to dating rumours with Imran Abbas

Just a few time ago, alleged linkup rumours of Imran Abbas and Nargis Fakhri were making rounds all over the internet. The news spread up fast when Abbas shared his picture with Fakhri on a shoot, which was taken in Dubai.

Now, Bollywood actress has finally denied all the rumours by stating that she does not even know who he is. During her conversation with Indian media, the actress said; “I don’t even know who he is.” She further said that; “It’s from an old photo shoot, dating to a year ago.”

Though the shoot occurred a year ago, the picture was shared by Imran Abbas just a few time ago and since then all we could hear was that there is something brewing between the two. But, now it seems that the fire has finally subsided.

The 37-year-old actress further clarified that she wanted to comment on this matter since a very long time, but did not want hurt to the Pakistani actor’s feeling. She, with all the arrogance and pride, said that:

 “The media is speculating about it so he must be excited. I don’t want to take away his fun moment. Let him have his fame.”

Nargis is of the belief that Abbas was getting all the fame he could through linking his name with her. Seems that there might be some serious controversy in store for us.

However, as far as we know Imran Abbas, the guy has class and it doesn’t seem that he would feed on such a fame to get limelight. If it would have been so, Indian filmmakers wouldn’t have been contacting him to do roles. You might be a diva Ms. Fakhri, but our Imran Abbas is no less.

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