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Nature gives us a lot, what do we give in return?

Climate conundrum is an alarming situation for the world!

Everything humans have needed to survive, and thrive, was provided by the natural world around us: food, water, medicine, materials for shelter, and even natural cycles such as climate and nutrients.

“Nature’s unprecedented change is shifting our mother earth into risk.”

As we all are aware how global warming is wrapping up earth in its grasp. Winters are getting much colder, while summers are getting much hotter now. Public concern about global warming has crystallized around impacts ranging from rising seas to deadly heat waves.

This is not normal! This is an alarming situation for whole of humanity. Now is the time to take steps in order to prevent global warming and making our mother earth a livable planet for centuries to come. Unfortunately we have given global warming, air pollution, deforestation, noise pollution, water pollution and the list keeps going.

Ways through which we can play are part in preventing global warming can be by using solar energy, by using energy efficient electrical appliances, by reducing waste, by planting a tree, by using clean fuel by saving energy and water and last but not the least, most importantly immediately stop using plastic products like; bags, bottles, straws, etc

“Each one of us will be equally responsible for that dooms day when nature will remind us the same through its own ways.”

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