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Netizens bash Hareem Shah over her picture with Shahveer Jafry

Hareem Shah remains in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Recently, she has been at the epicenter of a major controversy where she claimed to have ‘indecent videos’ of several high-profile government officials. 

Hareem was brutally thrashed on the internet for intentionally leaking out those audios and videos for cheap publicity. 

And now, the infamous TikToker has been roasted by the netizens again, this time for posting a picture with the Canadian-Pakistani YouTuber Shaveer Jafry.

In her recent Instagram post, Hareem shared a picture with Jafry, and people went crazy. While the two can be seen posing for the camera with grim smiles, the Instagrammers began to show concerns Shaveer’s future well-being, fearing that Shah might create a scene out of it.

One of the users posted:

“Is bechary ko ab na phansa dena behn yeh lo meray haath (Now, please don’t make this poor boy your latest victim, I’m begging you.)“

Others cautioned Shaveer to stay away from Hareem Shah.

Whereas one prayed for Shahveer’s well-being:

“Shaveer Bhai Allah reham karen ab aap pr (Brother Shaveer, may God have mercy on your soul.)”

What are your thoughts on this?

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