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Imran Abbas IPPA awards

I could never say yes to paid vacation in the name of awards – Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is the man of words, this is the reason his fans (all around the world) love and respect him. The all-rounder recently went to a trip to Europe and uploaded breathtaking pictures that one can only dream about.

We don’t see him socializing much and the reason is that he likes to be exclusive and why not?! Since he is a superstar of our country and definitely a sensible one for sure. He chooses his projects wisely, this is why his last project was a super hit, and when it comes to expressing his views he is never afraid to blurt out his feelings.

Few days back, an award show was organized in London (sounds great, right?), and the name rhymes with an Indian Award show (which is also organized internationally). Well, it seems more like a meet and greet session of our stars with the ‘elite class’ of UK. People brought tickets just for a single glance of their favourite celebrities and some were lucky that they got a chance to take selfies with them. The venue was more like a marriage hall according to the host of the event Yasir Hussain, and everybody who attended the event got an award for their achievements and presence as well. So where’s the credibility?

On this note, Imran Abbas updated a status, which we felt was 100 percent true and needed to be highlighted.

imran abbas status

It raises so many questions, not only on the credibility of such events but also on our stars who agreed to fly all the way to London for it with no protocol. Our stars put their heart and soul; they deserve respect not only from their fans but also from the PR companies and event organizers. We need to focus on our local award shows first because they need a lot of betterment in terms of being fair and good quality content. Kudos to Imran!

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