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Nick Jonas gifted diamond rings to Priyanka Chopra’s cousins

Parineeti Chopra opened up about what she had received as a gift from the new member in the Chopra family, Nick Jonas.

Speaking about the wedding on Neha Dhupia’s chat show, the actor revealed that she received diamond rings along with plenty of money in dollars and rupees by Nick Jonas as part of the ‘joota chupai’ ceremony.

“He was actually more prepared than all of us. So I thought I was the smart one and I was going to go and do this ‘rasam’ (ceremony) and take only cash from him. They were more than ready because when the time came, he literally just signalled to someone and all of us cousins looked at the back, and there was this guy with a giant tray full of diamond rings and all of us got diamond rings and the bridesmaids got a lot of gifts. So I am proud to show off that Nick jiju is very generous,” she revealed.

Moreover, asked if the wedding saw any ‘bridezilla’ moments from Priyanka, she revealed: “She (Priyanka) was just so happy and in fact she was so excited like she was that bride who, when the baraat came she wanted to get ready early so that she can run and see the baraat in a filmy style. She was really happy. So no, bridezilla moment, not at all.”

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