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It’s not okay to use a woman’s body to sell films - Hamza Ali Abbasi

It’s not okay to use a woman’s body to sell films – Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi has always something to say about the topics that are making round over social media. Be it politics or social issues, Abbasi always finds time to discuss about anything and everything, landing himself into colorful controversies.

Few month back Hamza shared his stance on using item numbers to sell movies and Now, Bollywood director Karan Johar has shared his thoughts and confessed that he has made a mistake by using women’s sexuality to sell films.

“The moment you put a woman in the center and a thousand men looking at her lustingly, it’s setting the wrong example. As a filmmaker, I have made those mistakes and I will never do it again,” said Johar

With Johar’s quote, Hamza captioned the image, “When I spoke against item numbers, our desi modernities lashed at me, calling me a wannabe Mullah. Now, I hope at least this guy’s views will help explain why it’s not okay to use a woman’s sex appeal to sell films. Hope we can focus on art and reject shameful trends like item numbers.”

Hamza previously also swore to not work in anymore films with ‘western ideology.’ The actor posted on Facebook, “I, myself, am ashamed of being a part of this western and Bollywood onslaught and I pledge never to be a part of anything which is against our culture and values. I will make an effort to be what I believe in.”

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